Windows Media Player for MacOS

Date Released: November 7, 2003
File Size: 17.00 MB
Platforms: PowerPC
Operation Systems: Apple Mac OS 7.6.1 or later
Last Updated: December 08, 2023
Introducing Windows Media Player for Mac OS X. Sporting a new brushed steel skin for Apple’s newest operating system, this new version of our player opens the world of Windows Media content to Macintosh users, enabling them to access the best audio and video on the Web. New plug-in support added for Internet Explorer, Netscape and Safari enables playback of Windows Media files right from the browser.
Windows Media Player for Mac brings the best audio and video to millions of Mac users with full support for the industry-leading Windows Media Technologies. This release also sports a new design and supports playback of MP3 files. Windows Media Player for Mac provides content providers with the ability to quickly develop content while reaching the largest possible audience.
Windows Media Player for Mac is a versatile tool that allows you to play both streaming and downloadable audio and video content in the industry-leading Windows Media Format. With Windows Media Audio, you get CD-quality audio at half the file size of MP3. Windows Media Audio even gives you FM-quality sound over a modem. And the advanced video compression technologies employed in Windows Media guarantee you the best overall picture quality for streaming videos.
Windows Media Player for Mac is the first player to support playback of content protected by Windows Media Rights Manager, the Microsoft digital rights management (DRM) technology. Windows Media Player for Mac also offers a cross-platform digital media solution with integrated support for digital rights management.
Windows Media Player for Mac is not supported and no longer available for download from official Microsoft web site. On the other hand, you could find and download the complete release Windows Media Player for Mac below on this page.