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Organize Your Digital Media Collection

Organize Your Collection

You can use Windows Media Player 10 to organize your digital media collection. The first step in getting organized is to add your content to the Library feature of the Player. Once you have added content, you can burn mix CDs, create playlists, or synchronize files to portable music players. Your content is automatically organized into categories in the library, as shown in the following screen shot, which makes it easy to find and play.

Adding Content to the Library
You have a number of options for adding content to your library. You can rip (copy) music from your audio CDs to your computer, download files from online stores, and add digital media files that are already on your computer. This section explains how to add files on your computer to your library.
To add content to your library
1. In Windows Media Player, click Library.
2. Click Add to Library, and then click By Searching Computer, as shown in the following screen shot.
The Add to Library by Searching Computer dialog box is displayed, as shown in the following screen shot.
3. In the Search on list, click the drive you want to search.
4. To search one folder on the drive rather than the entire drive, in Look in, click Browse to enter the folder.
5. Select your preferences for updating media information.
6. Click Search.
Depending on the size of your digital media collection and the speed of your computer’s processor, this process may take some time.
Keeping the Library Up to Date
The Player can monitor the music and video folders on your computer for changes and then automatically update the library. This is particularly useful if you add or remove files regularly, because the Player automatically reflects any changes you make, so you don’t need to remember to update the library.
To specify folders to monitor
1. In Windows Media Player, click Library.
2. Click Add to Library, and then click By Monitoring Folders.
3. The Monitor Folders dialog box is displayed.
4. Click Add or Remove to select the folders you want to monitor.
Another option you have for keeping your library up-to-date is to have music files automatically added to your library when you play them. To turn this option on, select the Add music files to library when played check box on the Player tab of the Options dialog box.